1957 Studebaker


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October 1, 2013:
Studebakers sell at auctions for up to $99,000.


What Happened To Studebaker?

Like American Motors, Hudson, Tucker, and other motor companies, the economies of scale enjoyed by the Big 3 automakers pretty much killed the other companies, which got absorbed or liquidated.

All About the '57 Studebaker

If you know what Golden Hawk, President Classic, and Scotsman mean without any prompting, then you must be a Studebaker fan.

Eisenhower was president, Elvis was alive and well, and the Studebaker company made automobiles in 1957. This site is dedicated to the classic 1957 Studebaker models and their impact in a year that most people think about another car. Check back soon for more updates on a site dedicated to the whole Studebaker line, like the Silver Hawk, Champion, and President models. Because of Studebaker-Packard's smaller size as an auto manufacturer, these cars are hard to find and harder to get parts for.

In the future, we will provide information on new and OEM Studebaker Accessories, restored 57 Studebakers for sale, and auto auctions on models in all conditions whether you need parts, upholstery, headliners, wheels, hubcaps, or hood ornaments. Watch this site as we become your source for information on all the 57 Studebaker models including the Trastar, the pickup truck, and other vintage and collectible Studebaker accesories, promotional posters, signs, neon clocks, and magazine advertisements.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This is a new site, and we are adding new informaiton all the time. Please check back early and often.